What's special about chocolate fountains?
Ever seen or tasted one? They provide a real touch of class at any event or venue.


At what type of events would you find a chocolate fountain?
At any type: we have served them at weddings, celebrity parties, corporate events, fashion shows, exhibitions, product launches, open days and more.


What is the most popular type of chocolate used in fountains?
Milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white - in that order.


How long does a chocolate fountain last?
It depends on the amount of guests but typically 2 to 3 hours.


Must I supply my own dips, skewers and napkins?
Not usually, but it is entirely up to you. It makes for a more professional and less stressful event if everything is done by us. After all, it's what we do best.


Will I be expected to prepare the fountain myself?
Our chocolate fountains are supplied together with a member of our staff (at no additional cost) to prepare the fountain and to oversee and assist anyone using the fountain.


How far in advance do I need to book?
As soon as you possibly can. Don't leave it until the last minute or you could be disappointed.


How do I book?
Call or email The Chocolate Fountain People, with the dates and times of your event and we will provide an invoice as written confirmation.


Do I need to make a deposit?
We require a small, non-returnable deposit to secure your booking.


Which areas do you cover?
The Chocolate Fountain People can provide chocolate fountains at events anywhere within the UK.



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